How to lock liquidity

GLOCK is a powerful utility on GPAD designed to lock liquidity tokens securely. Follow these steps to leverage GLOCK for your liquidity needs:

Step 1: Access the GLOCK Section

  • Visit the GPAD website and locate the "GLOCK" section.

  • Click on this section to initiate the liquidity locking process.

Step 2: Select Liquidity Token

  • Choose the specific liquidity tokens you wish to lock using GLOCK.

  • Ensure you're selecting the correct token pairs associated with your liquidity.

Step 3: Choose Lock Duration

  • Indicate the duration for which you want to lock your liquidity tokens.

  • This timeframe should align with your strategy and goals.

Step 4: Approve the Transaction

  • After selecting the tokens and lock duration, click on the "Lock" or "Approve" button.

  • A wallet notification will appear with the transaction details.

Step 5: Congratulations, Your Tokens Are Locked

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet, including any gas fees.

  • Once confirmed, your liquidity tokens are securely locked within GLOCK for the chosen duration.

GLOCK empowers you with control over your liquidity tokens, ensuring their safety while contributing to the stability of the ecosystem. Always use official GPAD links and sources for a secure experience.

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