How to open a sale

If you're interested in launching a token sale on GPAD, the process is designed to be simple and collaborative. Follow these steps to initiate your sale

Step 1: Fill Out the Request Form

  • Visit the GPAD website and locate the "Request Form" in the main menu bar.

  • Click on the form and provide the necessary information about your project, token, and proposed sale.

Step 2: Initial Meeting

  • Once your request form is submitted, the GPAD team will review the details.

  • If your project aligns with GPAD's criteria, the team will reach out to schedule an initial meeting.

Step 3: Project Discussion

  • During the initial meeting, both parties will have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

  • This meeting is a chance to discuss your project's goals, features, and potential for a successful IDO.

Step 4: Agreement and Setup

  • If both parties are aligned and see potential, the GPAD team will work with you to finalize the terms.

  • This includes discussing the IDO structure, tokenomics, and any other relevant details.

Step 5: Launching the Sale

  • Once an agreement is reached, the GPAD team will set up the sale for your project.

  • This involves preparing the technical aspects, coordinating the timeline, and ensuring a smooth launch process.

By opening a sale on GPAD, you gain access to a platform that can help introduce your project to a broader audience. Always ensure you're working with the official GPAD team and using authorized channels when submitting your request and communicating throughout the process.

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