How to stake your $GVC Token

How to Stake Your $GVC Token

Staking your $GVC tokens is a simple process that grants you access to various benefits, including presale opportunities. Here's how to stake your tokens

Step 1: Visit the Staking Section

  • Open your web browser and navigate to our official website.

  • Look for the "Staking" or "Stake Your Tokens" section. This is where you'll initiate the staking process.

Step 2: Enter Staking Amount

  • In the staking section, you'll find an input field. Enter the amount of $GVC tokens you want to stake.

  • Make sure you're comfortable with the staking duration and any associated terms.

Step 3: Approve the Transaction

  • Click on the "Stake" or "Approve" button after entering your desired staking amount.

  • A MetaMask or wallet notification will pop up, detailing the transaction details.

  • Review the transaction and confirm it in your wallet by paying any associated gas fees.

Step 4: Tokens Successfully Staked

  • After confirming the transaction, you'll receive a confirmation on the blockchain.

  • Your staked $GVC tokens are now locked and you've gained access to various benefits, including presale opportunities and additional rewards.

Staking offers a way to earn rewards and actively participate in the project's growth. Remember to keep your wallet information secure and be cautious of phishing attempts. Always use official website links to ensure the safety of your tokens and transactions.

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