Gstake Tier 2

Gstake Tier 2 Staking Pool Overview

The Tier 2 Staking Pool offers a total of 100 available spots for participants. To secure a spot within this pool, users are required to lock in a minimum of 0.05% of the $GVC token supply (50,000 $GVC). This staked amount will be held for a duration of 4 months.

Should the users choose to unlock their staked tokens before the conclusion of the 4-Month lock period, an early unlock penalty will be levied on the total number of tokens being released. The penalty structure is as follows:

- Tokens Unlocked in the 1st Month: 20% penalty

- Tokens Unlocked in the 2nd Month: 15% penalty

- Tokens Unlocked in the 3rd Month: 10% penalty

- Tokens Unlocked in the 4th Month: 5% penalty

- Tokens Unlocked after the 4th Month: 0% penalty

***Any tokens subjected to penalties will be directed toward the Incinerator pool, where intentional burning will take place, manually as per a predetermined schedule.

Benefits for Gstake Tier 2 Staking pool participants

1. Guaranteed Allocation in Private IDO Pools: Participants within the Gstake Tier 2 Staking Pool will receive a guaranteed allocation in the Private Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Pools. This ensures their inclusion in exclusive investment opportunities.

2. Bonus Token Reward upon Successful Participation: Users who successfully participate in the Gstake Tier 2 Staking Pool will receive a bonus token as a reward for their commitment and engagement.

3. Larger Allocation Ticket Size compared to Tier 3 pool: Participants in the Tier 2 pool will enjoy a larger allocation ticket size when compared to those in the Tier 3 pool, granting them enhanced investment potential.

4. Share in Revenue from Successful Raises on the GPAD: Stakers within the Gstake Tier 2 Staking Pool will also receive a share of the revenue generated from successful fundraising campaigns on the Gpad platform.

The Gstake Tier 2 Staking Pool offers users the opportunity to secure a spot by staking a minimum percentage of the total supply for a fixed period. In return, participants gain access to enticing perks, including guaranteed allocation in private IDO pools, bonus tokens, larger allocation sizes, and a share in revenue from successful raises on the Gpad platform.

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