FAQ List for GPAD(Launchpad)

FAQ List for GPAD (Launchpad)

1) What is GPAD?

GPAD stands for "Global Launchpad" and it is a platform that helps innovative crypto projects launch their tokens through a streamlined process. It provides a secure and efficient environment for token sales, audits, and investor participation.

2) How does GPAD select projects for launch?

GPAD employs a rigorous evaluation process to select projects for launch. Factors such as the project's team, technology, market potential, and compliance with regulatory requirements are taken into consideration.

3) What are the benefits of launching a token through GPAD?

By launching a token through GPAD, projects can gain access to a wide network of potential investors, receive expert guidance and support throughout the process, and benefit from the platform's strong reputation and trustworthiness.

4) How can I participate in token sales on GPAD?

To participate in token sales on GPAD, you need to hold $GVC tokens and meet the tier criteria and follow the instructions provided for each specific token sale.

5) What security measures does GPAD have in place?

GPAD employs robust security measures, including encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits. The platform also conducts due diligence on projects before listing them to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

6) Can I trade tokens launched through GPAD on other exchanges?

Yes, tokens launched through GPAD can typically be traded on other compatible cryptocurrency exchanges once the token sale and initial listing processes are complete.

7) What is the role of the GPAD native token ($GVC) on the platform?

The GPAD native token ($GVC) serves as a utility token within the GPAD ecosystem. It can be used for participation in token sales, accessing premium features, receiving discounts on platform fees, and also a global utility token which can be used to purchase products and services from merchants worldwide for exampe hotels, restuarants, IT products, Spas, TIckets etc.

8) How can I participate in early $GVC token sale?

Currently To participate in token sales on $GVC, you can either:

a) Contribute for private round through our VTABS platform contribution platform: https://staking.vtabs.net/ (Live Now) (Limited to $100k total allocations)

b) Contribute for private round through $GVC's DAPP on the website: https://gvctoken.com/ (Live Now)

c) Be prepared for $GVC IDO on GPAD on 30th August 2023, and on other launchpads soon to be announced

9) Where can I find more information about GPAD?

Currently you can find more update news through VTABS and $GVC sites, and also its social media

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