FAQ List for $GVC (Native Token of GPAD)

FAQ List for $GVC (Native Token of GPAD)

1) What is $GVC?

$GVC is the native token of GPAD. It serves as a utility token within the GPAD ecosystem and provides various benefits to token holders.

2) What are the uses of $GVC tokens?

$GVC tokens can be used for participating in token sales on GPAD, accessing premium features and services within the platform, receiving discounts on transaction fees, and potentially receiving airdrops and other rewards. It can be used for participation in token sales, accessing premium features, receiving discounts on platform fees, and also a global utility token which can be used to purchase products and services from merchants worldwide for exampe hotels, restuarants, IT products, Spas, TIckets etc.

3) Can $GVC tokens be staked or used for yield farming?

Yes, GPAD may introduce staking or yield farming mechanisms for $GVC tokens in the future. This would provide additional opportunities for token holders to earn rewards by participating in the platform.

4) Are there any limitations on the supply of $GVC tokens?

The total supply of $GVC tokens is predetermined and typically fixed, meaning that no additional tokens will be minted beyond the initial allocation. This ensures scarcity and helps maintain the value of the token

5) Where can I store my $GVC tokens?

$GVC tokens can be stored in compatible cryptocurrency wallets that support the token's blockchain like Metamask and Trust Wallet.

6) Can I trade $GVC tokens on external exchanges?

Yes, in future $GVC tokens can typically be traded on compatible cryptocurrency exchanges once they are listed. This allows token holders to buy, sell, and trade $GVC tokens as they deem fit.

7) What are the benefits of holding $GVC tokens?

Holding $GVC tokens can provide various benefits, such as early access to token sales on GPAD, discounted platform fees, potential airdrops and rewards, and participation in future staking or yield farming programs.

8) Is $GVC subject to price volatility?

As with most cryptocurrencies, the price of $GVC tokens can be subject to market volatility. Factors such as supply and demand dynamics, overall market conditions, and investor sentiment can influence the token's price.

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